Art by Subject > Book Inspired

Leo Lionni’s book A Color of His Own inspires this chameleon.  Students practice drawing and learn a variety of watercolor techniques.
Lionni’s book Swimmy is the inspiration for these jellyfish.  Using watercolors without pre-drawing, students choose a warm and a cool palette practicing several watercolor &   brush skills.
Eric Carle’s book Mr. Seahorse inspires this lesson.  Students paint papers with tempera, then   cut out shapes, layering them to create this ocean scene; watercolor effects   for background.
Carle’s book The Very Lonely Firefly is the inspiration for this painted paper firefly.  Students learn to visually deconstruct and reconstruct parts to make a whole.
Marcus Pfister’s much loved book The Rainbow Fish inspires this watercolor painting.  Students practice drawing skills and watercolor skills.