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James Rizzi: Students practice the 5 elements of shape as they complete a directed line drawing of a James Rizzi inspired bird; crayon resist watercolor
 Laurel Burch inspired cat
Laurel Burch: Students practice proportion and form in drawing Laurel Burch inspired cat; watercolor with ink detailing
Gustav Klimt: Students practice wet on wet watercolor techniques for the background and a Klimt inspired silhouette tree in the foreground
 art -Keith Haring
Keith Haring: Students learn to depict movement by drawing Keith Haring inspired figures; drawing skills, complementary color study
 georgia O'Keefe flower 2
Georgia O’Keefe: Students practice observation skills and open composition as they draw in the manner of Georgia O’Keefe;   watercolor, pen and ink
Kandinsky circle tree
Kandinsky tree:  This lesson is inspired by Kandinsky circles.  Students practice using analogous and complementary colors in creating circles; oil pastel