Art by Subject > Animals

Stacked birds: Students practice repeating basic shapes as they draw three birds;   watercolor skill development
James Rizzi inspired bird: Students practice the 5 elements of shape as they draw a bird; crayon resist watercolor
 Owl K
Owl: Students practice drawing skills; watercolor & salt background
Toucans: Students learn to draw using a grid; oil pastel
Frog: Students practice a directed line drawing; watercolor
 Laurel Burch inspired cat
Cat: Students practice proportion and form in drawing Laurel Burch inspired cat; watercolor with ink detailing
Elephant:  Students practice proportion and shading as they draw this elephant with a water soluble ink pen and then paint with water to create the shadows; pen and ink, watercolor
Giraffe:  Students practice drawing skills with a focus on detail and shading; charcoal pencil