IMG_1493  IMG_1485toucan 3 toucan 2

Third graders finished their oil pastel toucans this week.  When we first met we started with a directed grid drawing of a toucan using the document reader.  The grid drawing enabled them to achieve proportion and a close up view. I chose to do a modified grid of 4 quadrants because it was a simple drawing and this was their first grid drawing. Each student used 2 half sheets of paper to move around and cover the blocks they weren’t drawing.  This was to help them to focus only on the visible quadrant and the lines they saw there.  Some students were bothered by this because they couldn’t see the whole picture and what part they were drawing.  Here is where they really had to engage and persist!  They were pleased to see their whole picture come together at the end and were able to make minor adjustments at that time.

I had them peel the paper off their oil pastels, and break them in two, and experiment with layering color and using the side for large area coverage. We did the eye together and they learned how to make the reflective white dots to bring their toucan to life.  As they began coloring their birds this week they looked at photos of toucans.  I encouraged them to layer colors.  I know they are proud of the work they did and I think they look amazing.

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