My time in your classroom also incorporates the “Eight Studio Habits of Mind” developed by Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. These habits are

  • Develop Craft: As a result of participating in art class, students acquire the skills or techniques needed to work with various media.
  • Engage and Persist: Students are taught to engage in a project, focus on a task for a sustained period of time and persist with their work.
  • Envision: Students are taught to generate mental images that will help guide their work and use their imagination to think of new ideas and forms.
  • Express: Students are meant to learn to go beyond craft to convey a personal vision and meaning in their work. This habit of mind includes making works exemplify a property that is not visible such as mood or atmosphere.
  • Observe: Students are taught to look closely at their own works (the color, line, texture, forms, structure, expression, and style), at others works (whether by their peers or by professional artist), and the world (when they are working from observation) and to notice things they might have otherwise missed.
  • Reflect: Students are asked to think about and explain their process, intentions, and decisions. They are also asked to judge their own work and that of others.
  • Stretch and Explore: Students are expected to try new things, to explore, take risks, and capitalize on their mistakes.
  • Understand Art World: Students in visual arts classes learn about art history and the practicing art world today and their own relationship to today’s art world.